OSX Install

How to install Nift on OSX

Installing Nift on OSX from source

Installing a c++ compiler

Install Xcode. Should you still encounter any problems compiling nsm there is a good chance command line tools was not installed by default. To manually install it yourself: open Xcode, go to preferences, click on the downloads tab, then you should be able to download and install command line tools.

Installing Nift

Download nsm-master-*.zip, then follow these steps to compile and install:

  1. Extract nsm-master-* from nsm-master-*.zip;
  2. Open a terminal window and change directory to ~/Downloads/nsm-master-*;
  3. Compile nsm by running make;
  4. Install nsm by running sudo make install (note - you will need to enter your password) (note - you may need to open a new terminal window for the Nift installation to be recognised);
  5. Delete both the file nsm-master-*.zip and the directory nsm-master-* containing the uncompiled code.

For example, if you unzipped nsm-master-* inside your downloads folder, then steps 1-4 are achieved by entering the following into your terminal window:

cd ~/Downloads/nsm-master-*
sudo make install

Uninstalling Nift

Should you ever want to remove nsm from your machine, simply run sudo make uninstall.